Vihilu Katha

One of main facts that keeps human being lives is “Smile”. Today, man has a very busy working schedule throughout the day. Therefore, he/she is looking for something that can give a rest to mind or can eliminate the mental stress. Some of stress relief activities are watching television, playing games, reading newspapers and watching movies. In addition to that, to have a smile on face or to have a fun, most of guys are used to read “Vihilu Katha”. These Vihilu Katha makes a smile on face as well as gives a rest to mind.

Popular Vihilu Katha

There is a huge demand for books of Vihilu Katha (fun story books) which are written in many languages in the world. Among them, “Awful Auntie” ad “Billionaire Boy” written by David Walliams, “This Book Just Ate My Dog” written by Richard Byrne, “Bad Kitty” written by Nick Bruel and “The Last Word” written by Lisa Lutz are most popular fun story books. And there are many films had been produced based on some of these fun story books. For example; Shrek, The Birds, Babe, The Brave Little Toaster, FernGully and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. And also, there are some fun story books which were written based on some of fun movies.
In Sri Lanka also there is a long history for Vihilu Katha. The character called “Andare” is the significant character which came from era of kings’ supremacies. The duty of Andare was to make Kings’ smile. For that he used many joke stories. Even now, we can see many teledrama characters who are using these vihilu katha to make audience smile. Fredie Silve, Bundu Samarasinghe, Tenison Kure are some of main actors who do this task in Sri Lankan Film Industry. However, we’ll share with you some of these interesting stories which can make you smile and can release you from mental stress. And if you have any interesting vihilu katha, please send us. We’ll share them in this website.

Vihilu Katha

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