Good Evening

Evening or “Gomman” in Sinhala is the period of time near the end of the day. Usually evening is defined from 6:00 PM to 7:59 PM. And this Evening can be characterized by the Sun lowering towards the horizon.  And usually these activities are occurred during this time, such as eating dinner or having more formal social gatherings and entertainment. So, if we meet anyone within this time period, we are greeting him/her. Not only by face to face, but also even through texting and chatting at fb, whtsapp and SMS, talking via phones, skype and so on, people are used to greet by saying like that during this time period.

When was started to greet as Good Evening?

Actually there is no any evidence to know the date or year that started to greet as Good Evening. In Sri Lanka, when we want to greet at evening, we are saying as “Suba Sandyawak Wewa” in Sinhala.

However, with the growth of Social Media and other technology, people are used to use Good Evening Wishes at evening time period. Here you can find some of beautiful and attractive Good Evening Wishes. Check it…Good Evening

Good Morning

The beauty of the morning scenery is attracting our hearts, isn’t you? Actually the birds’ tweets with the coolest wind is giving a rest to our mind. And it’s a good treatment for stressful mind also. And it is a period of enhanced energy and productivity. When we meet someone at this morning time, we are used to greet him/her as saying good morning. And Good Morning is a courteous thing as well as a greeting. The 24 hours of a day is categorized under few time categories and they are defined as morning, noon, evening, night and midnight. Morning is the period of time between Midnight and noon. Or it is the interval between sunrise and noon. But most of people don’t know how the word of morning derived in English language.

History of Good Morning

It is said that word of “morning” comes from the word morwening. And the meaning of that word is the sunrise. The Good Morning came from this “morning” word and nobody knows when that word started to use. But however, it is in this sense might mean a good day and it is said that was derived from oral communication.

However, with the technology development, people are tending to greet as Good Morning to their dearests/friends who are in far away by using their mobile phones and computers. And with the growth of social Medias, now people can find various beautiful images with this Greetings. Let’s see some of this Good Morning wishes that you can use to greet your loved ones/friends/dearests.Good Morning


Fashion of Salvar is coming from countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is loos dress is mostly worn dress by women, girls and men. Even in Sri Lanka, it is a popular outfit among women and girls. This suit looks like a trousers and a shirt with long and short length. And it is a really simple dress and very comfortable to wear. Due to it covers the whole body, this Salvar fashion is very popular among Muslim ladies.
Actually this is one of the most famous garments for millions of women in Asian region of the world. Due to their flexibility, it has become very popular in all South Asia especially among women. You can see that this outfit has different embroidery, fabric colour and incredible quality of fabric. There is also a great advantage that this garment gives you, that is; it can be worn in varying climates. Therefore, many Asian ladies are interested in finding affordable Salwar Kameez. Even in western countries, most of immigrant communities are also embracing the Salwar suits which has become a common style of clothing there.
As every country having its own tradition, so the style of this dress is also varied based on that. Shalwar Kameez is one type of this Salvar fashion and it is the Islamic Dress as well as traditional and National Dress of Pakistan. Majority of Pakistani men and women worn this dress. But however, the most of latest trendy designs of this dress type is coming from India. India has many high quality and attractive Salwar items. This Salwar Suits can be worn at a casual occasion, a party or a formal event. It is depending on the designs used to decorate the outfit.
Today, there are many stylish and beautiful Salvar can be bought via online as well as by leading textile shops in Sri Lanka.

Some Best Shops for Buying Salvar in Sri Lanka

Nolimit/Pallu –
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Thilakawardana Textiles
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However, when you wear a Salvar suit, don’t forget to find appropriate pieces to finish the ensemble. You should wear embroidered clutches, gold jewelry sets, leather mojaris and glass banglesSalvar

Sinhala Nisadas

Who don’t love to use Sinhala lyrics or Sinhala Nisadas to express the feelings to the dearests! Who don’t want to use our mother language to express personal emotions or feelings, usually spoken in the first person! We can find various types of beautiful Sinhala Nisadas which describe happiness, romance, pains, anger and etc. Here, we are going to share some of beautiful creative Sinhala Nisadas which are talking about our lives, emotions and our mind.

Some of Sinhala Nisadas

Sinhala Nisadas 01 – Saba Jeewithaya

When a man lives in this world,

He has many dreams, he lives in mid of those dreams,

But he can’t live in dreams longer, he has to face many trials and obstacles…

That’s the reality of human being’s life

Sinhala Nisadas 02 – Jeewitha Dinuma…

Love to study at a school

Love to grab the knowledge of the world

Love to get a chance to enter University…

Love for learning so much……

But it is only for rich people…

How can I go ahead with my innocent poor parents…?

I am so miserable…!

Sinhala Nisadas 03 – Palamu Pema

We wore white uniforms – we went to the same school

We were at the same classroom – We learnt together

We joked each other – We fought for small small things

You made me cry sometimes…

Never expected – never dreamed

But today, you are my breath… how did you come to my life, love?

Sinhala Nisadas 04 – Me Pem Wigrahayata

You are the one who turned my childish into a youth…

You are the one who gave courage to go ahead in my life…

You are the one who filled my heart with many dreams,

But my life was like a free bird before…

Though you tried to leave me,

I didn’t learnt from you, how to live without you…

Why didn’t you teach me that my lover?


Sinhala Nisadas 05 – Nanandiyata

Sister, you are like a giant river which flows in this ground…

As that river, we have to face many trials in this life…

I didn’t leave you alone when you have problems,

Because I care of you, not like my sister-in-low, but as my own sister,

How lucky if you would be my beloved sister…!

However, we are the best sisters-in-low in this world

sinhala nisadas

Lama Gee

Human being interests on songs/music and that bond is not changed for children as well as for adults. The man loves different kinds of songs at different stages in his life. When he was in childhood, he interested on children songs (in Sinhala, it is called Lama Gee) and when he became to teenage and young stages, his interest on music was also changed. When the man is in young stage, he may interest on “love songs” or “songs about broken love” or “songs about parents’ love” and etc. but do you know, that all of us loved Lama Gee when we were in our childhood of our lives? And it is not an amazing thing that children songs are highly and speedily touched our children’s mind.

Today’s Lama Gee

Today, these children songs are made by different languages and among them, Sinhala Lama Gee, English Children songs and Tamil Children songs are popular in Sri Lanka. These songs can support children’s learning and emotional development and can support for improving creativity and can increase the enjoyment. Not only that, but these children songs help strengthen memory skills also. The songs which are created with beats, are helped to create the “aesthetic” inside of the child. The children songs are developed based on many topics and some of them are about mother/father, about alphabet, about animals, about rain and various nature related topics. And most of time, these songs are with 04 lyrics and they are very simple.
In Sri Lanka, we can see some Lama Gee which are come by generation to generation, just by word-of-mouth. So, grand parents or mother is teaching those songs to their kids and some of vocalists are involving to create and sing this kind of children songs also. And most of time, many singers/vocalists have started their singing journey from singing children songs. Singing Lama Gee has done a big impact to their music/singing lives.

lama gee

Sinhala Love SMS

All of us know that SMS is one of most popular things today. But still there are some people who don’t know the meaning of SMS. Actually SMS means Short Message Service. This SMS is popular among young crowd. Especially in Sri Lanka, Sinhala Love SMS is a popular thing among young generation. So, most of them save these Sinhala Love SMS in their mobile phones.
If we look into the history of this SMS, actually it is very nice story. The first SMS had sent in 1992 and that was Neil Papworth, an engineer working in the United Kingdom. The significant thing of this was that guy had sent this SMS by a computer. And that text was “Merry Christmas”. He sent this one to his friend. But the “concept of SMS” was came in 1984. That was for German guy called Friedhelm Hillebrand. The message amount to fewer than 160 characters was sent via a type writer was the beginning of SMS concept.

Sinhala Love SMS and History of SMS

On 02 December 1992, with the starting of the world’s first SMS, in 1993, the Finnish phone-maker Nokia debuts the first mobile phone that’s introduced SMS facility to mobile phones. But this SMS could be sent between two people on the same network only. By eliminating that obstruction, the Vodafone launched a share-price alert system for business people in 1994. In 1995, “T9” system, which predicts texting based on what letters you’re typing was introduced to SMS technology. In 1999, the facility of sending SMS via various types of networks was introduced. With this development, according to 2000 statistical records, it was said that Americans began to send 35 texts per month. With the rapid growth, in 2002 it is recorded that more than 250 billion SMS messages are sent worldwide. And when coming to 2007, it is recorded that the number of texts sent in a month passed the number of monthly phone calls placed by Americans for the first time ever. According to the International Telecommunications Union, it is reported that 200,000 text messages are sent every minute. 6.1 trillion Texts are sent worldwide over the entire year. According to 2011 records, 7.4 trillion SMS texts were sent around the world.
However, today, such a popular SMS can be sent in Sinhala language also and as mentioned above, Sinhala Love SMS is popular among Sri Lankan young generation. And this Sinhala Love SMS and other SMS are typed by using both Sinhala and English languages mostly. So, it’s the time to have some of beautiful and creative Sinhala Love SMS….

sinhala love sms

Sinhala Quote

Generally, the repetition of someone’s statement is known as a Quote. The place where he/she says that statement, the reason for saying that and the thing she/he says are the reasons to popular that statement as a “Quote”. Many great philosophers and giant characters have said many statements/quotes regarding various things. Sinhala quote is presented by translating those statements into Sinhala. These Sinhala Quote can be categorised in various ways. That is; based on the type of persons, based on the meaning, based on Alphabetical order and based on the subject that quote belongs.

More about Sinhala Quote

The Sinhala Quote that we are going to present you will be categorized like that. And you can use these quotes at different situations. For example; It talks about mother can be used for celebrating mothers’ day on 08, May. With the growing of social Medias, the demand for quote is also increased. Today, many people are using these quotes to communicate their thoughts beautifully with others, via the Social Medias. In addition to that, some people use these quotes to have a motivation also. For that, the statements of people who achieved their successes through many trials in their lives, are used, mostly. And also, the Sinhala Quote which are talking about love, separation, mother’s love, father’s love and friendship are the most popular quotes among Sri Lankans.sinhala quote

Wedding Dresses Sri Lanka

For your big day, do you want to look as a perfect, princess-seamed bridal dress which shows timeless grace? Most of girls’ answer is “Yes, I do”. If so, you may wait with limitless options to find the best wedding dress selection. Hope, you should need some advice on where to begin. Actually, there are many wedding dress sellers in Sri Lanka in order to have a beautiful wedding dresses Sri Lanka. From these sellers, you can buy wedding dresses as well as you can get best advices about wedding dresses Sri Lanka.

More about wedding dresses Sri Lanka

If you are a girl to be a bride, you should decide of how you want to look at your wedding day. You have many options from the classic/traditional white Sri Lankan wedding look, to the colourful Bride, or even having a themed dress. Simply, you are the one decide what type of wear, that you are planning to wear on your big day. However, when you will select the wedding dresses Sri Lanka, you should be careful to pick the bridal outfits that will truly reflect you and that you feel comfortable wearing and that will not harm to your personality.

Here, we have listed some of popular sellers who provide wedding dresses Sri Lanka. By them, definitely you can find the latest chic, runaway looked wedding dresses Sri Lanka. And you can consult the best advice and ideas array how to select your bridal dress and your groups’ dresses which is complement with your appearance, elongates and flatter your shape with your personal taste. As your wedding dress will capture the look and you’ve always envisioned make you and your day beautiful and colourful, you should be very careful about this matter at the very first stage of your wedding plan.Wedding Dresses Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Fashion: Saree Dressing

Each day, you are discovering new fashion designs and styles in the world. Even various trendy fashion items are coming to Sri Lankan fashion market, the “saree” fashion is still having same demand as before. For saree dressing, the age is not a matter, even the young ladies love to wear that. But sad to say, some of our new generation doesn’t know how to wear the saree correctly. As Sri Lankans and as the saree is one of main Sri Lankan fashion item, all of our ladies should know the way of wearing a saree. That’s why now we are sharing the steps of wearing a saree, under Sri Lankan fashion. See, it’s not a big thing to learn.

Required Materials for wearing a saree (A Sri Lankan Fashion);

A saree blouse, an inner skirt, the saree, elegant shoes, jewellery, decorative hair accessories (if you need), bobby pins and safety pins.

Steps – Sri Lankan Fashion – Saree

  1. Firstly, you should wear the saree blouse and inner skirt. In here make sure your blouse fits you perfectly and the inner skirt should match with the saree material. And your inner skirt needs to be tied very tightly using a drawstring. Otherwise, it would mess the pleats of your saree.
  2. Then, wear your shoes. Before starting wearing the saree, you should wear your shoes first, because the height of your heels is essential for determining where the bottom of the saree should reach.

  1. In order to the fall is facing towards you, you should hold/tuck the saree.
  2. By using safety pins, you should hold your saree upper corner at your right side of inner skirt and wrap it around your waist In here, you should make sure that decorated side is on the outside.)

  1. Again, you should wrap it around, but at this time, you should not tuck it in. (Pull the decorated side until it is as long as your stretched arm when your arm is by your side. Tuck it over your shoulder.)
  2. Then you should tight the cloth and tuck it in 3 to 4 inches to the left of your belly button.
  3. In order to pleats your saree, you should stretch your left hand and hold the cloth with your thumb and pinkie fingers. Then, wind the cloth with your right hand through the thumb and pinkie holding with alternating fingers.

  1. After that, you should pin the pleats together so that they stay in place the whole day. (Normally, 20 cm below the waist is a good basis.)
  2. Then you should dress the remaining cloth around yourself from left to right, and over your shoulder.

  1. Finally, you can secure the end portion on your shoulder with safety pins whether it pleats or unfold the pleats.
  2. Now you can do your finishing touches by accessories and make up which are match with your saree, skin and your personality and Sri Lankan Fashion.

Sri Lankan Fashion

Adara Nisadas

Deep Love… are you in a deep love? Would you like to read some beautiful and meaningful wordings of deep love? Here, you can enjoy beautiful and creative some of Adara Nisadas which are talking about deep love. You will feel how softly these Adara Nisadas wordings are closing to your heart and opening your feelings! Here you can read and enjoy nice Adara Nisadas which are describing the deep love of a good relationship and also the deep love which felt to heart even after broken affairs. Actually these Adara Nisadas tells how people feel the deep love when they have good relationships as well as when they break their relationships. So, it’s time to enjoy these impressive Adara Nisadas….

Some Adara Nisadas

01 – Obawama Soyami

At early morning, in the mid of bright sunshine,

In the mid of mist, I’am looking for you….

At the wind which blows from hills,

I’m seeking your smell….

Among the bright starts at sky in nights,

I’m seeking your eyes….

I’m looking…looking for you ever.

02 – Pahanaki Oba Mata

You are a bright lamp

Which brought light to my life…

Don’t let you turn off

Until my life is here…

You are a lamp to my soul,

So don’t leave my heart alone….

Stay at my heart forever

With the bundles of your love!

 03 – Nodutu Nubata

Though I didn’t meet your eyes again,

Though I didn’t know your habits,

Though I didn’t see your attractive face again,

I love you so much for these few days….

I may see you one day,

But I know that you will not belong to me ever,

But how will my poor heart forget you darling!

04 – Saththayi Eya Mata Sathutak

Though you went far away from me…

Though you gave me pains…

Even though your memory will hurt me…

It will be my happy, if you are in happy!Adara Nisadas