Sunil Edirisinghe

Sunil Edirisinghe is one of great classical vocalist in Sinhala music industry and many of us love him a lot. The significant thing of his singing is that he is using his own way and his musical art is not merely or even mainly, a mode of entertainment; it is, above all. He was born on December 19, 1949 in Colombo. His father was Patikirige Edirisinghe. And he has 03 brothers and 04 sisters and he is the youngest one.

More about Sunil Edirisinghe

In 1955, Sunil Edirisinghe started his studies at Dharmaloka Maha Vidyalaya, Kelaniya and he showed his singing skills since that time. Then he studies at Sapugaskanda Maha Vidyalaya and Delgoda Kalyana Pradeepa Pirivena. After completing his secondary education, in 1969 he joined to the Government Printing Corporation. As a revolution in his music life, in 1970 he was able to voice at “Mathara Achchi” film (his brother Sathischandra’s film) as a playback singer. Victor Ratnayake composed that song. In order to improve his music knowledge, Sunil Edirisinghe joined at Visharada P.V. Nandasiri’s Academy of Music.

After that, he studied at University of Laknaw, India in the early 1970s and he graduated with first class honours from Laknaw – Bhathkhande Academy of Music in India. During this time, he was also a background vocalist for a number of popular Sinhala films like “Hulawali” and “Sri Madara”. And he got the first class diploma from Bhathkande and in 1975, he became a classical artist of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. In 1977, he sang for a cassette. The popular music director, Rohana Weerasinghe directed the music to this cassette and later, both of them collaborated and done songs.

Turning point of Sunil Edirisinghe’s life

As another turning point of life, in 1979, Sunil Edirisinghe married Virendra Arachchige Dona Nandani Munasinghe. Chandra Madala was the first cassette of Sunil Edirisinghe. In 1980, he also advanced to Vishishta (Grade A) artist of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. He received Presidental medal in 1983 (for background singer at Adhishtanaya film) and received Prasada Pranama from Mindada kala Khendraya of Univesity of Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1986. Not only that, but he received also Swarna Sanka award in 1987 (background vocalist of Mangala Thegga) and received Sarasavi award in 1988 for the background vocalist at Sandakada Pahana. Again he received Swarna Sanka award in 1990.
Sunil Edirisinghe is doing a massive service to Sinhala music industry and some of his popular songs are; Nim therak nudutu, Sadakada Pahanaka, Duwe nuba mage pranayayi, Mage amal biso. In addition to that ,Awapaa ahasaka, Miniseku pita negi asaruweki and Mala kwela oba pipenna are also very popular songs. Sunil Edirisinghe

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