Sri Lankan Fashion: Saree Dressing

Each day, you are discovering new fashion designs and styles in the world. Even various trendy fashion items are coming to Sri Lankan fashion market, the “saree” fashion is still having same demand as before. For saree dressing, the age is not a matter, even the young ladies love to wear that. But sad to say, some of our new generation doesn’t know how to wear the saree correctly. As Sri Lankans and as the saree is one of main Sri Lankan fashion item, all of our ladies should know the way of wearing a saree. That’s why now we are sharing the steps of wearing a saree, under Sri Lankan fashion. See, it’s not a big thing to learn.

Required Materials for wearing a saree (A Sri Lankan Fashion);

A saree blouse, an inner skirt, the saree, elegant shoes, jewellery, decorative hair accessories (if you need), bobby pins and safety pins.

Steps – Sri Lankan Fashion – Saree

  1. Firstly, you should wear the saree blouse and inner skirt. In here make sure your blouse fits you perfectly and the inner skirt should match with the saree material. And your inner skirt needs to be tied very tightly using a drawstring. Otherwise, it would mess the pleats of your saree.
  2. Then, wear your shoes. Before starting wearing the saree, you should wear your shoes first, because the height of your heels is essential for determining where the bottom of the saree should reach.

  1. In order to the fall is facing towards you, you should hold/tuck the saree.
  2. By using safety pins, you should hold your saree upper corner at your right side of inner skirt and wrap it around your waist In here, you should make sure that decorated side is on the outside.)

  1. Again, you should wrap it around, but at this time, you should not tuck it in. (Pull the decorated side until it is as long as your stretched arm when your arm is by your side. Tuck it over your shoulder.)
  2. Then you should tight the cloth and tuck it in 3 to 4 inches to the left of your belly button.
  3. In order to pleats your saree, you should stretch your left hand and hold the cloth with your thumb and pinkie fingers. Then, wind the cloth with your right hand through the thumb and pinkie holding with alternating fingers.

  1. After that, you should pin the pleats together so that they stay in place the whole day. (Normally, 20 cm below the waist is a good basis.)
  2. Then you should dress the remaining cloth around yourself from left to right, and over your shoulder.

  1. Finally, you can secure the end portion on your shoulder with safety pins whether it pleats or unfold the pleats.
  2. Now you can do your finishing touches by accessories and make up which are match with your saree, skin and your personality and Sri Lankan Fashion.

Sri Lankan Fashion

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