Sinhala Nisadas

Who don’t love to use Sinhala lyrics or Sinhala Nisadas to express the feelings to the dearests! Who don’t want to use our mother language to express personal emotions or feelings, usually spoken in the first person! We can find various types of beautiful Sinhala Nisadas which describe happiness, romance, pains, anger and etc. Here, we are going to share some of beautiful creative Sinhala Nisadas which are talking about our lives, emotions and our mind.

Some of Sinhala Nisadas

Sinhala Nisadas 01 – Saba Jeewithaya

When a man lives in this world,

He has many dreams, he lives in mid of those dreams,

But he can’t live in dreams longer, he has to face many trials and obstacles…

That’s the reality of human being’s life

Sinhala Nisadas 02 – Jeewitha Dinuma…

Love to study at a school

Love to grab the knowledge of the world

Love to get a chance to enter University…

Love for learning so much……

But it is only for rich people…

How can I go ahead with my innocent poor parents…?

I am so miserable…!

Sinhala Nisadas 03 – Palamu Pema

We wore white uniforms – we went to the same school

We were at the same classroom – We learnt together

We joked each other – We fought for small small things

You made me cry sometimes…

Never expected – never dreamed

But today, you are my breath… how did you come to my life, love?

Sinhala Nisadas 04 – Me Pem Wigrahayata

You are the one who turned my childish into a youth…

You are the one who gave courage to go ahead in my life…

You are the one who filled my heart with many dreams,

But my life was like a free bird before…

Though you tried to leave me,

I didn’t learnt from you, how to live without you…

Why didn’t you teach me that my lover?


Sinhala Nisadas 05 – Nanandiyata

Sister, you are like a giant river which flows in this ground…

As that river, we have to face many trials in this life…

I didn’t leave you alone when you have problems,

Because I care of you, not like my sister-in-low, but as my own sister,

How lucky if you would be my beloved sister…!

However, we are the best sisters-in-low in this world

sinhala nisadas

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