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Today, the film industry has become one of rapidly developing industries in the world. In Sri Lanka also the Sinhala movies industry is growing and improving day by day. According to National Film Corporation’s statistics, more than 1240 films have been produced up to 2016 and this Sinhala Movies industry is speedily growing. The first Sinhala film was “Kadawunu Poronduwa”. It was produced in 1947, and there was another film named “Paliganima” produced in 1936, but it was a silent movie. Along with “Kadawunu Pronduwa”, one of Sinhala movies named “Ahokamala” was also produced in 1947. The chronicle of Sinhala movies, the 100th Sinhala film was “Sikuru Tharuwa” which was made in 1963. And also the 500th Sinhala movie was “Bangali Walalu” which was produced in 1981. It is recorded that “Sundarayi Adare” movie made in 2003 is the 1000th Sinhala film.

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Madam Sirimavo Ratwatte Dias Bandaranaike who founded The State Film Corporation of Sri Lanka by a special act of parliament on 21 January 1972. This was one of main milestones  as well as Sri Lankan film industry. While many services are provided by this, as the first step, the first Presidential Film Awards ceremony is held by the National Film Corporation with the collaboration of the Presidential Secretariat and the Ministry of Cultural Affairs in 1979 and the films screened in 1978 were honoured at this festival. In addition to that. It provides many services to film artists, example; financial support for disabled artistes and technicians, participate pension schemes and other pension schemes and so on. And they are observing the quality of cinema projection and check whether any illegal visuals in the reels and giving the required education about film industry to all new comers to this Sinhala movies industry. Burau of Cinema Culture has a certificate course (five months), diploma course (one year) and a magazine (CHITRAPATA) is published once four months. If you want to join for those courses, you can download the application form through their official web site. However, this National Film Corporation of Sri Lanka is doing a great service to Sinhala movies as well as to the Sri Lankan film industry.

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