Sinhala Fonts

When someone says “Fonts”, there are various types of letters, various shapes of letters are coming to our mind, isn’t it? Comparing Sinhala language with English language, it is quite difficult to write Sinhala language. And when we type Sinhala fonts in computer, it is also not so comfortable. However, today there is one big thing that computer users are confusing. That is Sinhala fonts and Sinhala Unicode. Actually, we can use Sinhala fonts in software like Photoshop, but using Sinhala Unicode in that kind of software is confused. And also, Sinhala fonts can’t be used in web sites such as Facebook and Google and it is needed to use Sinhala Unicode there.

More about Sinhala Fonts

Though we have various types of fonts today, we had only few types of fonts in past. The history of fonts are running back to 1980s. The “Apple” company has introduced most popular font types like Helvetica, Courier and Times. These fonts have two files. They are “pre-rasterized data” (for viewing in screen) and other type is for output devices like Printers. But in 1991, the “Apple” company has launched “TrueType Fonts (ttf)” to the market. The significant thing of this is that fonts which were used 2 files earlier, can be worked by using one file now. Later, Microsoft Company also got the license for this and in 1992, these fonts were used with Windows 3.1. But later, there was another issue. That is the fonts which were used in Windows computers can’t be used in Mac computer work. In order to eliminate this issue, Microsoft Company worked with Abode Company and introduced the “Opentype” font in 1996. This can be used in Mac computers as well as in Windows computers by using one file type.

With many revolutions, today “fonts” has become as a complicated subject. It was started from English language, but now it is spread among other languages also. As Sri Lankans, Sinhala Fonts are essential fonts among other font types. And this Sinhala Fonts are still developing and it has rapidly growth. Today, we can get these Sinhala fonts through various types of web sites, but we should careful about the copyrights of those websites. And if you want to develop your own Sinhala fonts or any other fonts, you can create it through “Fontark” website.Sinhala Fonts

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