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Even though Sinhala is the state language in Sri Lanka, English is the most usable language in business world. Hence, English language is the most vital language in present days. When we need to translate particular thing which is written in English language into Sinhala language, Dictionary is the thing that we need. As Sri Lankans, “Sinhala English dictionary” is the most essential dictionary type we need. Dictionary is a book that contains a list of words in alphabetical order and that explains their meanings, or gives a word for them in another language. The history of dictionary runs into 2300 BC. That’s the time of Akkadian’s sovereignty. In 1755, Samuel Johnson wrote the first complicated English dictionary. It included around 42,000 meanings, after that, Noah Wabster published the first American English dictionary in 1828. It included around 70,000 meanings.  With the passing time and with many improvements, in 1884, James Murray published the Oxford English dictionary. That Oxford English dictionary contains around 400,000 meanings. And, the Century dictionary was published with around 500, 000 meanings in 1889. However, today the dictionary is used by many countries for translating many languages. Among all types of dictionaries, Oxford, Cambridge dictionaries are getting priority. As I mentioned before, Sinhala English Dictionary is the most useful and important dictionary for us as Sri Lankans.  This dictionary also has a history. But when we say as “Sinhala English Dictionary”, most of us can recall the name “Malalasekara Dictionary”, because that is the most popular Sinhala English Dictionary here.  The 1st edition of this Malalasekara Dictionary was published in 1948.

With the technology development, this dictionary has also been converted into digital source. As the result of that, “” launched the first online dictionary in 1995, with around 1,400,000 meanings. Today, there are many online dictionaries can be found. Among them, the most popular 10 online dictionaries can be mentioned as below.


Google Dictionary

The Free Dictionary

Merriam-Webster Online

Cambridge Dictionary Online




Urban Dictionary


In Sri Lanka also, we can find several online Sinhala English Dictionary. Among them “Madura” Sinhala English Dictionary and “Google” Sinhala English Dictionary are most popular dictionaries.

“Madura” Sinhala English Dictionary, a very valuable innovation is invented by a Sri Lankan. If anyone wants to download this Sinhala English Dictionary, he/she can download it or if anyone likes to use it as “online version”, that person can use it as it is. There are about 230,000 meaning in this Madura Sinhala English Dictionary and it covers various subjects/areas such as medical science, logics, engineering, accountancy, arts and so on. Today, you can get this Madura Sinhala English Dictionary to your mobile phone via Google Play Store.

As mentioned above, the second most popular online Sinhala English Dictionary is “Google” Sinhala English Dictionary. Even this Sinhala English Dictionary is not 100% accurate when giving meanings, it is a Sinhala English Dictionary, being rapidly developed day by day and it is popular among users. When you search in Google as “Sinhala English Dictionary”, it gives this “Google Dictionary” as the first result and you can find your words/meanings without going to another website. It is one of main advantages that Google has given to its’ users. By using this dictionary, not only “Sinhala” and “English” languages, but also you can translate any word to some other languages also. However, this Google dictionary will be the most improved online Sinhala English Dictionary in near future.




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