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When we use and work in the internet, we have to click many websites to get information. There are many websites which are created in very attractive ways. But creating own website is not easy task to everybody. So, creating blogs is the alternative option for that. In Sri Lanka also, we can see many blogs and they are running as Sinhala Blog. These Sinhala Blog are created based on various kind of themes and when comparing to other countries’ blogs, there is less amount of Sinhala Blog in the internet.

Sinhala Blog and Blogging History

When we look into the history of bloggings, it runs to 1994. Justin Hall, was a student who created the first blog called in 1994. Actually, in these years it is not used name as blogs for these creations, it was called Personal Homepage.  In 1998, the first news blog was created by Jonathan Dube and it was called “Weblog”. In 1999, Peter Merholz shortened that name – “Weblog” as to “Blog”. In the early years, these blogs are updated manually. Thus, the blogging platform called “LiveJournal” was popular at those days. As the first time, Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan at Pyra Labs introduced the most popular modern blogging platform, called Blooger.

There was a growth for blogs at early 2000s. And according to the data, in 1999, there was 23 blogs on the internet. And it has growth upto 50 million blogs in 2006.  In 2001, Movable Type, one of blogging platforms was introduced and in 2003, WordPress one of popular blogging platforms was introduced. And in 2004, the first Video Blog was started. The AdSense advertising platform, which was the first ad network to match ads to the content on a blog, was launched in 2003. And according to statistical records, in 2005, there were 32 million people used to read blogs. After that, the concept of microblogging was introduced and twitter and Tumblr are some of them.

However, the blogs are popular among internet users, today and we can see less amount of Sinhala Blog there too. But with the rise of social Medias, there is less demand for blogs, especially for Sinhala Blog in Sri Lanka.

sinhala blog

Sinhala Blog
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Sinhala Blog
The history of bloggings runs into 1994 and Justin Hall created the first blog and there are several Sinhala Blog can be founded on the internet.

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