Fashion of Salvar is coming from countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is loos dress is mostly worn dress by women, girls and men. Even in Sri Lanka, it is a popular outfit among women and girls. This suit looks like a trousers and a shirt with long and short length. And it is a really simple dress and very comfortable to wear. Due to it covers the whole body, this Salvar fashion is very popular among Muslim ladies.
Actually this is one of the most famous garments for millions of women in Asian region of the world. Due to their flexibility, it has become very popular in all South Asia especially among women. You can see that this outfit has different embroidery, fabric colour and incredible quality of fabric. There is also a great advantage that this garment gives you, that is; it can be worn in varying climates. Therefore, many Asian ladies are interested in finding affordable Salwar Kameez. Even in western countries, most of immigrant communities are also embracing the Salwar suits which has become a common style of clothing there.
As every country having its own tradition, so the style of this dress is also varied based on that. Shalwar Kameez is one type of this Salvar fashion and it is the Islamic Dress as well as traditional and National Dress of Pakistan. Majority of Pakistani men and women worn this dress. But however, the most of latest trendy designs of this dress type is coming from India. India has many high quality and attractive Salwar items. This Salwar Suits can be worn at a casual occasion, a party or a formal event. It is depending on the designs used to decorate the outfit.
Today, there are many stylish and beautiful Salvar can be bought via online as well as by leading textile shops in Sri Lanka.

Some Best Shops for Buying Salvar in Sri Lanka

Nolimit/Pallu –
Glitz –
Kandy Selection –
Thilakawardana Textiles
Hameedia –
Fashion Bug –
CIB Shopping Centre –
Wijaya Saree Mandiraya –

However, when you wear a Salvar suit, don’t forget to find appropriate pieces to finish the ensemble. You should wear embroidered clutches, gold jewelry sets, leather mojaris and glass banglesSalvar

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