Qute Price Sri Lanka

All of us know that as the result of the increase in the Unit Rate Tax in Sri Lanka, the prices of three-wheelers have risen. So the supply of three-wheelers will have become less in future. As the alternation to these three-wheelers, the government has decided to import another vehicle. Have your heard about that? Do you know the feature of this new vehicle? This is known as Qute. And it is from Bajaj Company in India. This Qute will run in our roads in near future. Let’s look in detail about this friend. There is no correct indication about the Qute Price Sri Lanka

What is this Qute?

Actually this is a four-wheel vehicle. This Qute has features of a three-wheeler as well as features of a car. It is compact, lightweight, and has a carbon footprint that is 37% lesser than the smallest car available in the market. But the shape, safe ride mode and the comfortably for the driver and the passengers are same as at a car. So, as mentioned above, this is a vehicle which is made of combination of a car and a three-wheeler’s attributes. Earlier, the Bajaj Company named this as RE60 and it meets the European Standards and Guidelines of Quadricycle for quality and design. This Qute can be driven at a restricted speed of 70kmph with utilising fuel 1 litre for 36km. Bajaj Company is saying that this is a smart move for solving the urban problems.

Qute Price Sri Lanka

As we mentioned above, the qute Price Sri Lanka is not announced yet. But however, the price of qute car in India is around 200,000 INR. So the Qute Price Sri Lanka will be more than 400,000 LKR. 

The Concept of the Qute

There is huge destruction in the world due to the heavy usage of vehicles. So the idea of the Qute became to get rid of cities of our world of pollution, danger & congestion that big, heavy & fast cars inflict on it. This is the greenest & leanest 4-wheeler anywhere in the world due to its patented fuel injected Digital Tri-spark ignition engine. That delivers C02 emissions of just 66gms/km & a mileage of 36kmpl only. Another significant attribute of this vehicle is its weight. It is about 450kg in weight and speed of under 70 kmph. This Qute is known as the world’s first affordable “Anti-car” quadricycle. And it is good for urbanized people to solve the urban problems. 

The engine of this vehicle is 216.6 CC and the LPG variants are available. The peak power of this vehicle is 13.2 PS and the maximum speed id 70kmph. There are 05 forward gears and 01 reverse gear. The length of this vehicle is 2752mm and the width is 1312mm. And the height is 1652mm and the wheel base is 1925mm. And the wheel track of this smart vehicle is 1143mm. there are 04 passengers (including the driver) can ride in this four-wheel comfortably. With this all kind of features, we believe the qute price Sri Lanka will be less than 1 million LKR. Most probably the qute price sri lanka will be similar or lesser than three-wheeler price in Sri Lanka. 

More about Qute

This Qute has gone through various experiments on multiple parameters, terrain and weather conditions in India. This four-wheeler has been put through over 3.2 million km of testing from the hot deserts of Rajasthan to the cold altitudes of the Himalayas, from rural roads to city traffic. This was launched to the market after doing tests for structural durability, suspension, performance, handling, efficiency and all forms of abuse. And another significant thing that they used to manufacture this vehicle is the latest robotics & automation. 

However, this vehicle became as the alternative option to three-wheeler. And it is believed that this Qute will be imported to Sri Lanka and another 14 countries in near future. Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia, Kenya, Nepal, Bangladesh and Egypt are some other countries.  As every one believe, we also believe, within next couple of months, the qute price Sri Lanka will be released by authorized party and we can see the Qute price Sri Lanka.

qute price sri lanka

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Qute Price Sri Lanka
Qute Price Sri Lanka will be more than 400K and Qute is a smart move for solving the urban problems which is manufactured by Bajaj-India

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