Postal Code

Postal Code… What is this? Actually it’s a series of digits, sometimes including spaces or punctuation for identifying an area, town or city. This is known as postcode, post code, Eircode, PIN Code or ZIP Code. The reason for arising this postcode is population growth and growing complex environment. Beginning of using this post codes were with big cities in order to exchange goods and letters via mails. In 1857, London city was divided into 10 districts. This kind of reasons are affected to begin of the postal code using. During the 1930, this situation was changed. The post code usage went beyond large cities to cover even small cities, towns and rural areas. But it is said that modern post code method was introduced by Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

Interesting facts about postal code

The English characters are also used for these post codes at some countries in the world. Netherland and Canda are some of them. But for majority of countries are using a series of digits (numeric) for that. Even in Sri Lanka, we are using only digits. There are some countries which are using both digits and English characters (alphanumeric). This kind of ZIP codes are for identifying the areas and some post codes are assigned to individual addresses or to institutions. The main reason for that is receiving large volumes of mail.
In Sri Lanka also, postal code is highly using for day-to-day mail activities. Each postal divison has its own post code. In Colombo district, there are post codes of 00100, 00200, …. 01400 from Colombo 01 to Colombo 14. And in other districts also, you can find the post codes. Find those postal codes from below link.postal code

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