Lama Gee

Human being interests on songs/music and that bond is not changed for children as well as for adults. The man loves different kinds of songs at different stages in his life. When he was in childhood, he interested on children songs (in Sinhala, it is called Lama Gee) and when he became to teenage and young stages, his interest on music was also changed. When the man is in young stage, he may interest on “love songs” or “songs about broken love” or “songs about parents’ love” and etc. but do you know, that all of us loved Lama Gee when we were in our childhood of our lives? And it is not an amazing thing that children songs are highly and speedily touched our children’s mind.

Today’s Lama Gee

Today, these children songs are made by different languages and among them, Sinhala Lama Gee, English Children songs and Tamil Children songs are popular in Sri Lanka. These songs can support children’s learning and emotional development and can support for improving creativity and can increase the enjoyment. Not only that, but these children songs help strengthen memory skills also. The songs which are created with beats, are helped to create the “aesthetic” inside of the child. The children songs are developed based on many topics and some of them are about mother/father, about alphabet, about animals, about rain and various nature related topics. And most of time, these songs are with 04 lyrics and they are very simple.
In Sri Lanka, we can see some Lama Gee which are come by generation to generation, just by word-of-mouth. So, grand parents or mother is teaching those songs to their kids and some of vocalists are involving to create and sing this kind of children songs also. And most of time, many singers/vocalists have started their singing journey from singing children songs. Singing Lama Gee has done a big impact to their music/singing lives.

lama gee

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