Jana Kavi

Jana Kavi are songs originating among our Sri Lankan ancestors, passed by oral tradition from generation to generation and marked generally by simple, modal melody and narrative verse. When our ancestors were at their day-to-day work, they used to sing these Jana Kavi in order to forget their tiredness and to relief from their pains and to take out their laziness. Therefore, these songs are describing their simple minds, explaining their tiredness as well as explaining their interests on their work. Especially when they worked in paddy fields, mines and when they were rowing boats, while they transported goods in carts, they used to sing these folk songs. Not only that, our old mothers used to sing lullabies when they tried to get sleep their kids.
Actually these Jana Kavi has played a vital role in Sri Lankan society especially in its cultural development. Each country has their own folk songs, but these Jana Kavi are always unique for Sri Lanka. These Sri Lankan folk songs have many categories, such as Virindu, Onchili Waram, Gal Kavi (Karaththa Kavi), Paaru Kavi, Goyam Kavi, See Pada, Nalawili Gee and so on. Each category has its own styles.

Future of Jana Kavi

Certainly, we are lucky to have such a rich heritage of Jana Kavi to use in our teaching. But sad to say, our new generation is moving away from this kind of areas. In order to familiarize our new generation with these beautiful folk sings, find some Kavi above….Jana Kavi


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