Government Job

Are you looking for a job? If so, what kind of job that you are looking? You may wish to have a comfortable job. But keep in mind, that every job has its own responsibilities and duties. When you will have a job, you will entitle to accomplish those tasks. However, here you can find a government job, if you were searching a job in the public sector. We know that many Sri Lankans are craving to have a government job, especially the university students. And there are many students are qualified as graduates and post- graduates each year in our country.

You may also look for a government job. But keep in mind, the prestige and the security of a public sector job is so differ from private sector one. Not only have that, but the benefits at government jobs are varied from the private sector also. And some people are thinking that finding a government job is an easy task. But the reality is not that. There is a particular process to follow in order to have an interview at public sector. The first and foremost thing is looking at the Official Government Gazette of Sri Lanka. It is the main source that you can find the public sector vacancies. In here you can find the latest Official Government Gazette of Sri Lanka to find the vacancies for a government job.

Tips for Having a Suitable Government Job

Here you can find some tips to have a public sector job correctly, if you were not much aware about the public sector process.

  1. Before you search a government job, try to familiarize yourself with the public sector background. Because it is not one gigantic entity. It comprises many departments with its own mission and culture. Therefore, it’s good to have a prior knowledge about your expected government department’s background.
  2. You should be careful to check the most trustworthy websites for finding government jobs. Generally, all government departments should list their openings in the Official Government Gazette in Sri Lanka. Therefore, you should find and check the correct gazette details’ websites.
  3. And don’t forget to engage your network – your circle of friends, colleagues and former workmates. Actually this is a trick to find a government job quickly.
  4. You should reformat your resume according to the Sri Lankan Government Job Applying process. Sometimes you have to use the especial terminology which are used in government sector. And don’t forget to analyse the keywords and phrases in job postings and incorporate them into your resume.

After following above tips and after applying for any public sector vacancy, you have to wait in patient. Because their process is taking some considerable time to give a feedback. However, here you can find and download the Official Government Gazette of Sri Lanka. Then you will see some extensive listing of opportunities that are available at the government of Sri Lanka.

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