Google Gboard A New App to SMART Phones

We know that Google is one of fastest search engines and many of internet users are surfing on it. As another innovative technological step, Google has introduced a new App to SMART phones. We are sure that most of Sri Lankans don’t aware much about it as it has not arrived to Sri Lanka. However, this new app is called Google Gboard. So lets discuss what is Google Gboard.

Google Gboard Features

This Google Gboard app has several new features. Generally, when we chat with someone and when he/she is asking address of any particular hotel, what we did until now is, we are leaving from our texting, open search on web, find the hotel, copy the address and switch back to our chat and paste the address of that hotel. But if you have a Google Gboard app in your SMART phone, you don’t want to do that process again. You can search and send all kinds of things right from your keyboard with this new Gboard. Earlier, everything you’d search on Google, you can search with Gboard now. At this Google Gboard, the results appear as cards with the key information front and center, like the phone number, ratings and hours. So, you will able to send it to your friends with one tap and you can keep the conversation going also. Not only that, but this Gboard also sends anonymous statistics to Google to help us diagnose difficulties when the app crashes and to let us know which features are used most often. See how Google has made your life easy!
Actually this is a keyboard which is searching and sending all stuff that you want. And this keyboard will be highly useful for iphones. As iphone’s keyboard has some limitations, this will be more helpful for iphone users. You can view it well from below video also.

google gboard

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