Good Morning

The beauty of the morning scenery is attracting our hearts, isn’t you? Actually the birds’ tweets with the coolest wind is giving a rest to our mind. And it’s a good treatment for stressful mind also. And it is a period of enhanced energy and productivity. When we meet someone at this morning time, we are used to greet him/her as saying good morning. And Good Morning is a courteous thing as well as a greeting. The 24 hours of a day is categorized under few time categories and they are defined as morning, noon, evening, night and midnight. Morning is the period of time between Midnight and noon. Or it is the interval between sunrise and noon. But most of people don’t know how the word of morning derived in English language.

History of Good Morning

It is said that word of “morning” comes from the word morwening. And the meaning of that word is the sunrise. The Good Morning came from this “morning” word and nobody knows when that word started to use. But however, it is in this sense might mean a good day and it is said that was derived from oral communication.

However, with the technology development, people are tending to greet as Good Morning to their dearests/friends who are in far away by using their mobile phones and computers. And with the growth of social Medias, now people can find various beautiful images with this Greetings. Let’s see some of this Good Morning wishes that you can use to greet your loved ones/friends/dearests.Good Morning

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