Gamini Fonseka

Gamini Fonseka, the everlasting name in Sri Lankan Cinema Industry was born on 21 March, 1936 at Dehiwala. He started his education from Girl’s Collage in Dehiwala and moved to St. Thomas Collage, Mount Lavinia. After completing the school education, he aspired and focused on art, newspaper and photographic fields. But under the guidance of David Lean, Lester James Peries and W. A. Silva, he entered into the Cinema industry (as an actor) in 1956. Gamini Fonseka married on 21 February, 1963 as one of his main turning point of life.

More about Gamini Fonseka

“Rekhawa” was his first film and it is said that he got injured his leg as it was in his script of character. What an excellent acting skills he had… It was proved by “Misri”, one of popular senior cameramen in India that he had told to Mr.Fonseka “the future of Sinhala Cinema is in your hand”.

Gamini Fonseka had acted in lots of films including Dayiwa Yogaya, Sandeshaya, Ranmudu duwa, Getawarayo, Dhiwarayo, Chandiya, Rena Giraw, Sarungale, Hulawali, Kawuda Raja, Parasathu Mal, Sagarayak Meda, Nomiyen Minisun, Sebaliyo, Koti Waligaya, Adata Wediya Heta Hodayi, Horungeth Horu, Senasuma Kothanada, Gamperaliya, Awa Soya Adare and Yuganthaya. In 1987, he started to work as Film Director in this Cinema industry. However he did a priceless massive work in Sinhala Cinema within 03 decades. Sagarayak Meda, Parasathu Mal, Uthumaneni and Koti Waligaya are some of the films that he directed.

In 1965, Gamini Fonseka received the “Sarasavi Award” and “Rana Mayura Award” from International Film Award Ceremony in New Delhi. And in 1991, he was awarded from “Sumathi Memorial Award” also. He reached the peak in all spheres in Cinema industry due to his commitment, courage, dedication, determination and decorum and he was the one of reasons that our “Sri Lanka” name went to International Cinema. The service he did for this country, especially Cinema Industry is worthy.Gamini Fonseka

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