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When we heard “ebay”, a website which makes the platform to buy goods are coming to minds, aren’t you? Yes, it’s a website. Through this website, many goods can be purchased. Still ebay company is not activating in Sri Lanka as ebay Sri Lanka and there is no company of ebay Sri Lanka under ebay.com. But today many Sri Lankans are buying goods via ebay and ebay.com is one of popular websites in Sri Lanka

When looking back to history of ebay company, it ran to 1995. The owner of the ebay website is Pierre Omidyar and he wanted to create a ‘AuctionWeb’ to be an online marketplace. As the first step, he wrote the first code for it in one weekend. The name ‘ebay’ derives like this; E comes from his company name – “Echo Bay” and by using “Bay” word. The first thing ever sold on this ebay site was Omidyar’s broken laser pointer. Its value was $14.

This website was growing faster and became massive popular. At the beginning, it has been designed to collect a small fee on each sale and when the fees quickly added up to more than Omidyar’s salary, and so he decided to quit his job and work on the ebay site full-time. In 1996, to let buyers and sellers rate each other and make buying/selling safer, he added the feedback facilities to this website. In 1999, ebay launched sites in the UK, Australia and Germany and went worldwide. In the year 2000, ebay introduced “Buy it Now” facility and bought “PayPal”, an online payment service, in 2002. Today, there are now literally millions of items bought and sold every day on ebay, all over the world. Do you know that for every $100 spent online worldwide, it is estimated that $14 is spent on eBay? What a massive popular for ebay website!

More about ebay Sri Lanka

Even though there is no ebay Sri Lanka website in ebay website, Sri Lankans can do exchanges via this ebay.com and the sellers are categorized inside this website. If anyone wants to be a PowerSeller in ebay, he/she should sell at least $1,000 per month. Silver PowerSellers make at least $3,000 each month, while Gold PowerSellers make more than $10,000, and the Platinum level is $25,000 per month. If anyone wants to be aTitanium PowerSeller, he/she must make at least $150,000 in sales every month. As mentioned earlier, due to not having a ebay Sri Lanka company under ebay.com, when you’ll sell products, you must be careful. The reason is that if you’ll face any problem when you’ll sell any product, you might contact your local agent of ebay.com (ebay Sri Lanka). Unfortunately, still there is no ebay Sri Lanka Company under ebay.com. but if you want contact ebay.com, you can go to “Contact Us” in eBay website and you can place your inquiry.ebay Sri Lanka

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