BMI Calculator

If you want to maintain a healthy life, you have to use some tools and techniques for measuring your body. BMI Calculator is one of them. What is this BMI? Are you familiar with this tool? Actually BMI (Body Mass Index) is a measurement of body fat based on height and weight and that can apply to both men and women between the ages of 18 and 65 years. This BMI Calculator indicates whether you are overweight, obese, underweight or normal. Here you can see its classification.

Classification of BMI Calculator


Value says your health

18.5 or less


18.5 to 24.99

Normal Weight

25 to 29.99


30 to 34.99

Obesity (Class 1)

35 to 39.99

Obesity (Class 2)

40 or greater

Morbid Obesity

By using the BMI Formula, you can check your value;
BMI Value = (Weight in Kilograms / (Height in Meters x Height in Meters) )
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If your result will be in Underweight category, then you should consult your physician to gain weight. You should increase your intake of complex carbohydrates, such as whole wheat bread, muffins, pasta, crackers, legumes and fruits. In addition to that, you should eat more calories in order to gain weight. And your regular exercise is also playing a vital role here. And you should drink 6-8 glasses of distilled water a day, you should eat frequent but small meals and you should not drink coffee, alcohol and soda. And you should not eat processed foods, red meat and animal fats. You should reduce intake the dairy products. And you should not smoke also.

If the BMI Calculator gives a result as you are in normal weight, then, you don’t want to worry. But if it shows that you are in overweight, then you have to find some healthy ways to lower your weight like diet and exercise. Otherwise you are in risk of health problems like blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. You should eliminate red meat and cut out fried foods. In order to curb your hunger, you can start your main meals with a soup or a salad. It will prevent you from overeating. And you should stop drinking cola (For every 20 ounces of Cola you drink, you’re consuming 250 calories). And you should drink more water.

More about BMI Calculator Classification

But if your BMI Calculator gives you a result between 30-34.99 (Obese Class 1), then you are in a physically unhealthy condition, which puts them at risk for serious illnesses. Your treatment will be a combination of diet, exercise, behaviour modification and weight loss drugs. You should consult a doctor and get the best treatment for this situation. However, making long-term changes in your eating and physical activity habits is the only way to lose weight and keep it off. If your calculator shows a result between 35- 39.99 (Obese Class 2), you are in a risk of weight-related health problems and even death. You can follow the usual weight loss eating and physical activities, but in addition to that, you must consult a doctor immediately to have a lower weight.

If your BMI Calculator gives a value more than 40 (Obese Class 3), then you have an extremely high risk of weight-related disease and premature death. It is compulsory to see a doctor and get specialists help for your condition. Treatments will be given by your doctor. And you can continue your usual weight loss treatments. But keep in mind that losing as little as 7-10 percent of your body weight may improve many of the problems linked to being overweight, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. And don’t forget that too rapid weight loss can cause you to lose muscle rather than fat. So best thing is following your doctor’s instructions at this situation. In some cases of severe obesity, gastrointestinal surgery may be recommended by some doctors.

However this BMI Calculator is a good indicator to all of us to maintain a healthy body. So if you haven’t check your BMI value yet, check it soon and get into the “healthy track”.

BMI Calculator

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