Government Job

Are you looking for a job? If so, what kind of job that you are looking? You may wish to have a comfortable job. But keep in mind, that every job has its own responsibilities and duties. When you will have a job, you will entitle to accomplish those tasks. However, here you can find a government job, if you were searching a job in the public sector. We know that many Sri Lankans are craving to have a government job, especially the university students. And there are many students are qualified as graduates and post- graduates each year in our country.

You may also look for a government job. But keep in mind, the prestige and the security of a public sector job is so differ from private sector one. Not only have that, but the benefits at government jobs are varied from the private sector also. And some people are thinking that finding a government job is an easy task. But the reality is not that. There is a particular process to follow in order to have an interview at public sector. The first and foremost thing is looking at the Official Government Gazette of Sri Lanka. It is the main source that you can find the public sector vacancies. In here you can find the latest Official Government Gazette of Sri Lanka to find the vacancies for a government job.

Tips for Having a Suitable Government Job

Here you can find some tips to have a public sector job correctly, if you were not much aware about the public sector process.

  1. Before you search a government job, try to familiarize yourself with the public sector background. Because it is not one gigantic entity. It comprises many departments with its own mission and culture. Therefore, it’s good to have a prior knowledge about your expected government department’s background.
  2. You should be careful to check the most trustworthy websites for finding government jobs. Generally, all government departments should list their openings in the Official Government Gazette in Sri Lanka. Therefore, you should find and check the correct gazette details’ websites.
  3. And don’t forget to engage your network – your circle of friends, colleagues and former workmates. Actually this is a trick to find a government job quickly.
  4. You should reformat your resume according to the Sri Lankan Government Job Applying process. Sometimes you have to use the especial terminology which are used in government sector. And don’t forget to analyse the keywords and phrases in job postings and incorporate them into your resume.

After following above tips and after applying for any public sector vacancy, you have to wait in patient. Because their process is taking some considerable time to give a feedback. However, here you can find and download the Official Government Gazette of Sri Lanka. Then you will see some extensive listing of opportunities that are available at the government of Sri Lanka.

iPhone 8 Price Sri Lanka

 iPhone 8 Price Sri LankaiPhone 8 Price Sri Lanka 

Have you heard that iPhone 8 is about to launch to the market? Some of you may already knew that and some may not. Therefore, we thought to share some essential facts about this iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Price Sri Lanka and its’ features.  When talking about its price, iPhone 8 Price Sri Lanka will be around 175,000 – 200,000 LKR probably. There are many significant features in this phone.

First of all, let’s see what the specifications of this mobile phone are. iOS 11 is the operating system of this phone. And GSM / CDMA / HSPA / EVDO and LTE are the network technologies of this iPhone 8. Users have to use a nano sim and this phone is a IP67 certified – dust and water resistant.

iPhone 8 Price Sri Lanka – More

As this phone is water resistant, that water resistant up to 1 meter. And 30 minutes Apple Pay (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX certified) feature and facilities are also there. The users can experience a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colours in display. And it has 4.7 inches display too. The resolution of the display is 750 x 1334 pixels (~326 ppi pixel density). With all these facilities, it will come with multi touch feature also.

And the CPU of iPhone 8 is Quad-core and it has no memory card slot. This latest mobile phone is coming with the internal memory of 32/128/256 GB, GB, 3 GB RAM. In addition to above specification, you can find the other features and specifications of this iPhone 8 shown below.

  • The primary camera of iPhone 8 will be 12 MP, f/1.8, 28mm.
  • It’s a phase detection autofocus.
  • And it’s OIS and quad-LED (dual tone) flash.
  • The battery of iPhone 8 is Non-removable Li-Ion battery.
  • iPhone 8 has 1/3″ sensor size, geo-tagging, simultaneous 4K video and 8MP image recording, touch focus, face/smile detection, HDR (photo/panorama) features.
  • The secondary camera of the iPhone 8 is 7 MP, f/2.2, 32mm, 1080p@30fps, 720p@240fps, face detection, HDR, panorama.
  • Users will have 03 types of alarms – Vibration, proprietary ringtones.
  • Additional features are; Fingerprint (front-mounted), accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer , iMessage, SMS (threaded view), MMS, Email and Push Email features.

As mentioned above, you will be able to buy this phone around 175,000 – 200,000 LKR, as the average of iPhone 8 price Sri Lanka. Therefore, get ready to buy this user friendly iPhone 8 and enjoy the significant features. Stay tuned about the updates of iPhone 8 price Sri Lanka.

Seethawaka Botanical Garden

When the vacation season or holidays are upon, you may have the biggest conundrum. That is where to set your sights. Do you want a getaway that’s a perfect fit for your mood? We’ve got just the quiz for you. And we hope, that you love to go away from bustling cities, when you’ll have a vacation. Have you heard about Seethawaka Botanical Garden? It’s one of good travel destinations that you should visit n your next vacation.

Seethawaka Botanical Garden is a newly constructed botanical gardens in Sri Lanka. And you can find it in Illukovita viallage, close to Avissawella, Sri Lanka. There is only around 45 km from Colombo to this location. If you’ll travel from Colombo, you should take “Puwakpitiya-Thummodara” road and should travel nearly 3 km from that place.

Seethawaka Botanical Garden – More

This beautiful garden is open from 7.30 am to 6.00 pm every day. But garden’s authority is issuing tickets until 5.00 pm only. And there are some rules that all visitors should follow in order to protect its’ beauty and to help conserve the scientific value. Unlike other botanical gardens, still you can’ see much flowers inside this garden. But it’s full of trees and plants. There are some significant things to see in this garden. They are; lake, view point and rose garden in the summit.

If you wish to ride swan boat rides there, you have to buy the tickets at the entrance. And if you are not comfortable to view this garden by walk, you can hire a garden vehicle. But they are charging for that separately. However, as I mentioned above that you have to follow some rules. You should refrain from indecent disorderly behaviour and being a nuisance to others.

And you should not forget to place the rubbish in the bins provided or take your garbage home for recycling. And you can’t bring musical instruments, weapons, loud speakers, sporting goods, kites and whistles inside this garden. However, Seethawaka Botanical Garden is one of best travel destinations that you should visit. Get lost with many species of plants, trees, lawns and flowering shrubs.

Sri Lankan Baby Names

Sri Lankan Baby Names

Sri Lankan Baby Names
Sri Lankan Baby Names
lama gee
babata namak

Sri Lankan Baby Names
If you are a couple who are waiting to see your unborn baby, definitely you are looking for some baby names. Are you debating about what to name your son/daughter? But I must tell you that you should put yourself in the child’s shoes and picture your child not as a cute baby but as a grown-up bearing the name you picked. So, we know, as Sri Lankans, you like to put/add Sri Lankan baby names to your baby. And also we know that parents have become much more conscious about the power of a name. It implies that our parents are concerning about the Sri Lankan baby names’ meanings also. Do you know that choosing a name is actually one of the first trickiest decisions that mummy/daddy make for their baby? Because, when most of people choose a name, they don’t realize how much that baby is influenced by the world around us.
Therefore, there are many things to consider when you select Sri Lankan baby names including meaning of the name, possible nicknames, easy to spell, what the kids around the baby will say and so on.

Tips to find the perfect Sri Lankan Baby Names

You should look at your family history. By that you might find some truly unique and remarkable names in your family history.
You should look to nature. Sometimes, nature will guide you to find a best name.
Search some other countries’ people’s names. You will find some beautiful and meaningful foreign names also.
Think about your favourite flowers or trees. Today there is a trend to put names which are derived from flowers and plants’ names.
You can think about your hobbies. By those hobbies also, you might make new and lovely names.
So, it’s up to parents to find a perfect Sri Lankan baby names. And we are ready to share with you some of Sri Lankan Baby names.
For your unborn baby girl/boy, find the below Sri Lankan baby names….

Find the latest, beautiful and meaningful Sri Lankan baby names for your unborn baby or son or daughter in your family.

Qute Price Sri Lanka

All of us know that as the result of the increase in the Unit Rate Tax in Sri Lanka, the prices of three-wheelers have risen. So the supply of three-wheelers will have become less in future. As the alternation to these three-wheelers, the government has decided to import another vehicle. Have your heard about that? Do you know the feature of this new vehicle? This is known as Qute. And it is from Bajaj Company in India. This Qute will run in our roads in near future. Let’s look in detail about this friend. There is no correct indication about the Qute Price Sri Lanka

What is this Qute?

Actually this is a four-wheel vehicle. This Qute has features of a three-wheeler as well as features of a car. It is compact, lightweight, and has a carbon footprint that is 37% lesser than the smallest car available in the market. But the shape, safe ride mode and the comfortably for the driver and the passengers are same as at a car. So, as mentioned above, this is a vehicle which is made of combination of a car and a three-wheeler’s attributes. Earlier, the Bajaj Company named this as RE60 and it meets the European Standards and Guidelines of Quadricycle for quality and design. This Qute can be driven at a restricted speed of 70kmph with utilising fuel 1 litre for 36km. Bajaj Company is saying that this is a smart move for solving the urban problems.

Qute Price Sri Lanka

As we mentioned above, the qute Price Sri Lanka is not announced yet. But however, the price of qute car in India is around 200,000 INR. So the Qute Price Sri Lanka will be more than 400,000 LKR. 

The Concept of the Qute

There is huge destruction in the world due to the heavy usage of vehicles. So the idea of the Qute became to get rid of cities of our world of pollution, danger & congestion that big, heavy & fast cars inflict on it. This is the greenest & leanest 4-wheeler anywhere in the world due to its patented fuel injected Digital Tri-spark ignition engine. That delivers C02 emissions of just 66gms/km & a mileage of 36kmpl only. Another significant attribute of this vehicle is its weight. It is about 450kg in weight and speed of under 70 kmph. This Qute is known as the world’s first affordable “Anti-car” quadricycle. And it is good for urbanized people to solve the urban problems. 

The engine of this vehicle is 216.6 CC and the LPG variants are available. The peak power of this vehicle is 13.2 PS and the maximum speed id 70kmph. There are 05 forward gears and 01 reverse gear. The length of this vehicle is 2752mm and the width is 1312mm. And the height is 1652mm and the wheel base is 1925mm. And the wheel track of this smart vehicle is 1143mm. there are 04 passengers (including the driver) can ride in this four-wheel comfortably. With this all kind of features, we believe the qute price Sri Lanka will be less than 1 million LKR. Most probably the qute price sri lanka will be similar or lesser than three-wheeler price in Sri Lanka. 

More about Qute

This Qute has gone through various experiments on multiple parameters, terrain and weather conditions in India. This four-wheeler has been put through over 3.2 million km of testing from the hot deserts of Rajasthan to the cold altitudes of the Himalayas, from rural roads to city traffic. This was launched to the market after doing tests for structural durability, suspension, performance, handling, efficiency and all forms of abuse. And another significant thing that they used to manufacture this vehicle is the latest robotics & automation. 

However, this vehicle became as the alternative option to three-wheeler. And it is believed that this Qute will be imported to Sri Lanka and another 14 countries in near future. Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia, Kenya, Nepal, Bangladesh and Egypt are some other countries.  As every one believe, we also believe, within next couple of months, the qute price Sri Lanka will be released by authorized party and we can see the Qute price Sri Lanka.

qute price sri lanka

Good Evening

Evening or “Gomman” in Sinhala is the period of time near the end of the day. Usually evening is defined from 6:00 PM to 7:59 PM. And this Evening can be characterized by the Sun lowering towards the horizon.  And usually these activities are occurred during this time, such as eating dinner or having more formal social gatherings and entertainment. So, if we meet anyone within this time period, we are greeting him/her. Not only by face to face, but also even through texting and chatting at fb, whtsapp and SMS, talking via phones, skype and so on, people are used to greet by saying like that during this time period.

When was started to greet as Good Evening?

Actually there is no any evidence to know the date or year that started to greet as Good Evening. In Sri Lanka, when we want to greet at evening, we are saying as “Suba Sandyawak Wewa” in Sinhala.

However, with the growth of Social Media and other technology, people are used to use Good Evening Wishes at evening time period. Here you can find some of beautiful and attractive Good Evening Wishes. Check it…Good Evening

Good Morning

The beauty of the morning scenery is attracting our hearts, isn’t you? Actually the birds’ tweets with the coolest wind is giving a rest to our mind. And it’s a good treatment for stressful mind also. And it is a period of enhanced energy and productivity. When we meet someone at this morning time, we are used to greet him/her as saying good morning. And Good Morning is a courteous thing as well as a greeting. The 24 hours of a day is categorized under few time categories and they are defined as morning, noon, evening, night and midnight. Morning is the period of time between Midnight and noon. Or it is the interval between sunrise and noon. But most of people don’t know how the word of morning derived in English language.

History of Good Morning

It is said that word of “morning” comes from the word morwening. And the meaning of that word is the sunrise. The Good Morning came from this “morning” word and nobody knows when that word started to use. But however, it is in this sense might mean a good day and it is said that was derived from oral communication.

However, with the technology development, people are tending to greet as Good Morning to their dearests/friends who are in far away by using their mobile phones and computers. And with the growth of social Medias, now people can find various beautiful images with this Greetings. Let’s see some of this Good Morning wishes that you can use to greet your loved ones/friends/dearests.Good Morning


TV is one of an integral part of homes in the modern world and it is essential equipment at night. And TV was one thing that impacted to change the human being’s living pattern. And it can be known as the basic equipment of communication also. Today, you can see various televisions are coming to the market with various technology and in various scales. When we look into the history of this television, it goes to 1800s. This was the result of numerous people’s efforts.

History of TV

In 1800s, a German student called Paul Gottlieb Nipkow developed the first ever mechanical module of television. He was able to send images through wires with the help of a rotating metal disk. In 1907, A.A. Campbell-Swinton from England and Russian scientist Boris Rosing, used the cathode ray tube to the television system in addition to this mechanical scanner system. As the result of two scientists, Nipkow and Rosing’s efforts, there was a platform to the mechanical television and electronic television. In 1923, the first practical mechanical television system was invented by an American inventor called Charles Jenkins used the disk idea of Nipkow. In 1926, the first tv with transmitting moving pictures was invented by John Logie Baird, through the mechanical disk system started by Nipkow. And in 1934, all television systems had converted into the electronic system. The television, what is being used in today is belong to this electronic system. Firstly, the black and white television was invented. And in 1970, it was able to invent the coloured television.

Unknown Facts about TV

  1. Olympic and the Football World Cup are the most watching broadcasting events in the world.
  2. It is recorded as the Americans annually watch around 250 billion hours of television.
  3. The first TV Commercial was broadcasted in 1941 and it was lasted for 20 seconds.
  4. It is recorded that 99% of American homes own at least one television set. And 66% of Americans have at least three.
  5. Today, there are more than 275 million televisions in America.
  6. In United Kingdom, average a person is spending 04 hours per day, to watch television.

However, today tv has become a vital part of day-to-day life. Actually it is hard to imagine life without television today. However, today people can watch many television programs by using the internet also.TV

Medical Dictionary

We can find various types of dictionary in this modern society. Among them, dictionaries for different languages are the main types of dictionary. And also there are some dictionaries which are specialized for some particular subjects. Among them, medical dictionary is one significant dictionary. This medical dictionary is used to research and learn about medical terminology, pharmaceutical drugs, healthcare equipment, health conditions, medical devices, medical abbreviations and more. Even this dictionary type is not used by ordinary people, this is useful to doctors, to people who are engaging in medical industry and to students who are planning to come to medical field. And the history of this medical dictionary started from 1905.

History of Medical Dictionary

In 1905, Henry wrote the first edition of the first medical dictionary by referring a book held in the library of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia. As it started its journey like that, this dictionary type had to face many issues later. That was the translation issue. When it was translated into other languages, it was hard to translate/convert/edit its’ words and meanings. Today this dictionary has more than thousands of words from all areas of medicine and healthcare. And it is in different languages also. With the technology development, this is not published as just a book. Now you can find the online versions of this medical dictionary also. However, these are offering concise and easily accessible information for users searching for descriptions of over-the-counter or prescription medications, medical abbreviations, test procedures, medical research topics, or illnesses. There are numerous medical dictionaries can be seen in the internet. Among them, the below online medical dictionaries are popular in the world. Dictionary

Add Reminder

With our busy working schedules, most of time we miss or forget some work. Or we neglect some responsibilities by a mistake. And some times, we are working as a team and we are assigned some duties to accomplish. And it is essential to complete those duties on time. Either we are working alone or working as a team, we have to keep many things in our minds. For making this task easy, Google has developed a new thing in Google sheets. You can use the add reminder add-on which is in the Google sheet for this task. But do you know about this add reminder? This add reminder is working via Google sheets and to help setting up automatic email notifications to any recipient before or after each task of a list is due. By this, you can save time by automating a time-consuming process and you can eliminate the neglecting of your responsibilities. After inserting the responsible persons and the due dates of each task into the Google sheet, it will send email notifications to any recipient before or after each task of a list is due.

How will this Add Reminder helpful to the personal life?

You can use this to send reminders to yourself/your partner about bills to pay before a specific deadline
You can set this to remind yourself about books to return to the library.
If you will plan a trip or plan to go for watching any sports, then you can set this to get a reminder the day before tickets sale opens.
How will this Add Reminder helpful at your office work?
You can schedule this to remind for co-workers to contact clients for their payment.
You can set this to remind yourself/co-workers to send minutes/reports after the meeting.
You can set this to remind the annual fee renewing.
When you and your team is working on a collaborative project, you can schedule this to send reminders about tasks to accomplish before or after specific stepping stones.
Like that, you can use this Add Reminder to various tasks. And it is user friendly thing and it is saving our time. By using below link, you can install the Add Reminder to your computer.Add Reminder