Adara Wadan

Are you in a relationship? Are you a lover? Or are you a married lady? To express our feelings/emotions, our age and our status don’t matter…. Would you like to know some creative words and lyrics of romance, love or caring, in order to express your feelings to your loved people? If you surf in the internet, you can find nice poetry to express your feelings. But how good, if you can find some wordings by our own language. “Adara Wadan” will give you some of meaningful wordings to touch your hearts. “You, sweetheart, are my one and only” ….. it’s the way of expressing feelings in English language. See, how adara wadan will touch your heart and mind.

Aren’t these are lovely? Aren’t they creative? Enjoy these beautiful Adara wadan and express your feelings by your own language…..Adara Wadan

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