Adara Nisadas

Deep Love… are you in a deep love? Would you like to read some beautiful and meaningful wordings of deep love? Here, you can enjoy beautiful and creative some of Adara Nisadas which are talking about deep love. You will feel how softly these Adara Nisadas wordings are closing to your heart and opening your feelings! Here you can read and enjoy nice Adara Nisadas which are describing the deep love of a good relationship and also the deep love which felt to heart even after broken affairs. Actually these Adara Nisadas tells how people feel the deep love when they have good relationships as well as when they break their relationships. So, it’s time to enjoy these impressive Adara Nisadas….

Some Adara Nisadas

01 – Obawama Soyami

At early morning, in the mid of bright sunshine,

In the mid of mist, I’am looking for you….

At the wind which blows from hills,

I’m seeking your smell….

Among the bright starts at sky in nights,

I’m seeking your eyes….

I’m looking…looking for you ever.

02 – Pahanaki Oba Mata

You are a bright lamp

Which brought light to my life…

Don’t let you turn off

Until my life is here…

You are a lamp to my soul,

So don’t leave my heart alone….

Stay at my heart forever

With the bundles of your love!

 03 – Nodutu Nubata

Though I didn’t meet your eyes again,

Though I didn’t know your habits,

Though I didn’t see your attractive face again,

I love you so much for these few days….

I may see you one day,

But I know that you will not belong to me ever,

But how will my poor heart forget you darling!

04 – Saththayi Eya Mata Sathutak

Though you went far away from me…

Though you gave me pains…

Even though your memory will hurt me…

It will be my happy, if you are in happy!Adara Nisadas

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